The Josef Lux Foundation, Basic Information


The ‘Josef Lux Foundation’ was set up by his wife, Věra, and his son, also Josef in recognition of the life of their husband and father. Josef Lux, the chairman of KDU since 1990, became Minister of Agriculture in 1992, but due to ill health, he retired from politics in 1998.
The goal of the Josef Lux Foundation is to help to improve society, above all by supporting activities, which aim to foster civil responsibility, and ethical values, particularly in the medial field. The Foundation supports projects aimed to give spiritual and psychological help to those who suffer from leukemia. It also encourages - in a form of a competition - teaching of ‘ethics’ at schools, and editing of school magazines. It also funds research in the care of those who suffer from leukemia. In years 2001-2003, the Foundation spent over 25.000 Euro.
During the year the ‘Josef Lux Foundation’ organises events to keep these issues in the public domain.

If you would like to support the activities of the Josef Lux Foundation you may send any donations to the following account number:

86 – 0651200217 / 0100 at the ´Komerční Banka´ bank. Thank you for your solidarity.


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